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From its foundations in the late 80's, Wayland Technology Limited (WTL) has established itself as one of the territory's leading supplier of both technology and software to the security, access and attendance control, and card industry.


WTL's success is based on a simple concept: to maintain products which are always at the forefront of technology, backed by a high level of support. Close co-operation between manufacturers, system designers, and users has always been the cornerstone of our approach. From the inception in late 1989, WTL working in partnership with our parent company in Canada, and other leading technology providers in the world has enable us to develop systems and products that genuinely address the requirements of user both in the present and for the future.


WTL underlying philosophy is to provide a totally integrated solution - a single system covering all of a client's reeds. Our understanding of the need for integration has resulted us as one of the very few companies in the region having vertical integration of services and products: straight from manufacturing, hardware and software design, to the locations of our client. Our track record of being in the right place with the right product at the right time points to foresight and a strategy which remains unrivaled in this region, putting our users where they expect to be - in step with the pace of change and in a position to fully exploit the changing needs.

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