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In stead of conventional mechanic paper card time clock systems, WTL provides advance computerised human resources management systems. The system uses biometrics / IC card devices to control the access and attendance of your numerous staff at the staff entrances. The card can also serve as an elegant Staff Identification Card with their photos captured by digital camera or image scanner and printing on it. You will assign your staff into different Groups with different Shifts. Hence, authorized staff can only access the restricted areas within restricted periods.
All the transactions in regarding to your staff's access and attendance will be recorded. You simply print out your desired Reports at the time as and when needed. All the traditional tedious administration and payroll jobs can then be done as easy as 1-2-3.


The Watchman Tour System uses Tamper-proof watchman tour stations to be mounted at a number of locations. Ah these stations are magnetic encoded but unaffected by magnetic fields. With the handheld Recorder, immediate access to station locations, station visited time and date, stations missed and incident event time and date can all be recorded. Information captured by the Recorders can be easily printed through a standalone printer. With our system, hotel security, fire safety inspections and equipment maintenance can all be simplified.

The Key Watcher ensures reliable 24 hour of key control, simple and efficient. Each key is fitted to a Smart-Key and only those authorized person with assigned code can open the key cabinet, and take out the specific keys) assigned to them Each user can have their own unique access level per key and time zone. If a key is not returned within a certain time zone, an alarm will sound. Similar to the Watchman Tour System, reports including audit trail, staff overdue and key can be printed via a stand-alone printer.



C. C. TV.
In order to enhance security within the Hotel, CCTV cameras shall be installed to provide general surveillance to Entrance Lobby, Hotel Perimeter, Main Corridor, Lie Car and Car Park areas. All cameras are connected to the video multiplexer, video recorder and monitors located at the Main Control Office


WTL supplies several well known international brands for you to select. The system comprises a main control unit, audio, mixer, amplifier, cassette deck, CD player, Emergency Broadcasting Cassette deck, volume control and ceiling mounted speakers.



Normally, your Hotel / Shop / Theme Park will consist of certain number of in-house outlets to provide comprehensive and convenient service to your guests and VIPs. To acheive this aim, your guess may appreciate a pre-paid / membership system that they just need only one card / mobile apps to access all the facilities your Hotel provides.
The pre-paid value can be jointly encoded on the same database or smart card that the guests use to activate the door lock and bedside control panel. Of course, the pre-paid card can be a give away itemto your VIPs that they can enjoy the facilities even when they are not accommodating in your Hotel or visiting your sister Hotels all overthe world.

The system provides the simplest and inexpensive solution. It can be installed stand-alone to your existing electronic cashier register or networkable. The system provides functions as Read/Calculate/Write on the Cards Print out receipts, and generate summary Reports. All your Management Team has to do is to tell us yow requirement, our professional programmers and engineers will take care of the rest.


The Hotel Guestroom CARD LOCK
* Using biometrics / IC card devices/ Mobile apps as Programmable Keycards
* Battery Powered / Low Voltage Indicator
* Complete Access Control for common Areas and Guestrooms
* Superior Audit Trail
* Special Designed Software Easy for Front Desk to Operate
* Different Backsets to fit your Design



Automatic vehicle access security control barriers --- designed for everyday checking of vehicle now. Obvious as it may seem, durability, reliability and safety occupy a pride of place in our design philosophy.

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